Happy 3. Advent / Baking Cookies

Being back home definitely put me in the Christmas mood - I feel a bit lazy, and chose to take the easy way for today's Advent's post. Which means I opted for one of the easiest and fastest cookie recipes in order to take some photos of the process.
Anyway, the recipe's at the end of the post, for now I'll hand over to Hanna:

Happy 3. Advent everybody! Are you enjoying the holiday season? I definitely am :). Tomorrow is my last day at university and after that I'll be able to spend all day doing Christmassy things - making presents for my family, ice skating, watching Christmas movies and of course, baking some cookies! In my opinion, there are few holiday traditions that are cosier than spending the afternoon inside baking and trying new recipes. There are some cookies I make every year (vanilla crescents I'm looking at you), but I always try to experiment a bit as well -this year I definitely want to go ahead and make some gingerbread.

So in celebration of the holiday season - why don't you take the afternoon off today and host a little cookie party? Just enjoy the day, maybe invite some friends over and spend hours decorating with chocolate and sprinkles, talking and drinking coffee as the sun slowly sets outside. After all, it's only one more week until Christmas and after that, we have to wait another year until we can eat all our favourite treats again!

And when you can finally get to take your cookies out of the oven, your home will also smell heavenly (definitely the second best thing about baking - after eating of course).

You'll be able to find loads of yummy cookie recipes on Hanna's pinboard, and my own one right here.

Recipe for 'Florentines' cookies. Note: not exactly the healthiest of recipes out there ;)

175 g sugar
75 g honey
125 g butter
150 g cream
175 g almond pieces
100 g sunflower seeds
150 g chocolate (melted)

Mix sugar, honey, butter and cream in a pot and heat up. Cook for about 5 minutes at low heat - keep mixing. Add almonds and sunflower seeds, and keep mixing at low heat for another 5 minutes.
Preheat the oven to 200 °C.
Spread out the mixture onto a baking tray (use baking parchment so it doesn’t stick), and cook for 12 minutes in the bottom half of the oven - until gold brown.
Let cool down on the baking tray, then flip over the whole big ‘cookie piece’. Melt the chocolate and spread on top of the flat surface. Let cool down until the chocolate has hardened again. You can either turn over the big cookie piece again, or cut into small pieces straight away.


  1. Yay for almost being done with all your school work for the time being. I love these photos so much. You turn such a simple experience into a great wonder!