Happy 2. Advent / Making Presents

Hanna is back again today with a post on making Christmas presents. She's sharing some really great and creative ideas, making me want to get started on all of them straight away. (And I wish I had photos to illustrate all of them). Keep reading to find out for yourself...

Happy second Advent everybody! Isn't it crazy how fast time is running at the moment? Between Christmas parties, evenings at the Christmas market and all those other Christmas activities, December always seems to be passing in the blink of an eye.
I'm always a little late with finding Christmas presents for my family and friends (who else says every year that they're going to be finished with shopping for presents by November next year?). I love searching for the perfect present for my family, something personal and unique, and then seeing their faces as they unwrap it. Here's a little list of ideas I've had this year...

- A hand-made gift is always a good idea: Why don't you try your hand on something knitted for example? A scarf or a hat are easy beginners projects, socks aren't too hard as well. And if you're feeling ambitious, why don't you try to make a pullover?

- If you just want to spread some holiday cheer with a small gesture, why don't you make some roasted almonds yourself? They are easy to make, your house will smell lovely and everybody likes roasted almonds (it's true!).

- You can also make your own chocolates (I especially like making ones with marzipan and nougat). They can be wrapped pretty and maybe you can write the recipe on a nice card, so your friends can enjoy some more chocolates once the ones you've made are eaten (which probably won't take too long!)

- If there are children in your family, why don't you give the a gingerbread house? Or maybe all the parts of a gingerbread house (the gingerbread and the sweets) and then you spend an afternoon together decorating it!

- If you want to try out as many traditional and delicious Christmas cookies and pie recipes but still want to fit into your jeans after Christmas, why don't you create a cookie box for your loved ones? This year, I want to give my grandparents one of these, with a glass of home-made winter jam, Christmas stollen, ginger bread, my favourite cookies...

- Speaking of baking - why don't you try making a personal recipe book? Just buy a pretty notebook, fill in some of your favourite recipes (or recipes you two like to eat together, if there are any) and leave the rest of the book free to write in even more recipes over the years.

- If you're really good at something (like cooking, sewing, knitting, making jewellery, taking photos, the options are endless!), why don't you give somebody the 'ingredients' that you need for one project (like ingredients for one meal, fabric to create a dress, wool and needles, a jewellery kit..) and give it together with one (or more) 'private' lesson with you. Something like Skillshare in person. This way, you can give something home-made and spend the day together! 

- If you need a present for a music lover, why don't you create a mixtape with new songs for them? A few years ago, I gave my father a box with mixtapes for every month of the year, each with some new songs, some of his old favourites and some of mine. This is a present that can actually be enjoyed all year long!

- A calendar for 2014 is also a great gift: To make it a little more personal, you could fill in some special dates (like birthdays, the day you met...), your favourite quotes, small motivators on Mondays, and some activities you two can do together (like coffee dates, brunch, adventures once it's warmer outside...). Every week can hold a new surprise and bring a smile to somebody's face. 

These are just some of my ideas, I hope I can make as many presents myself this year as possible. What about you? Do you make your presents yourself or do you buy them? And what is your favourite place to start looking for presents?

See you again next week!


  1. I was feeling a little sad about making gifts this year (due to lack of money, due to being unemployed for a year now) but this really cheered me up. Thanks, Hanna!

    1. I'm glad it cheered you up! And please share if you make any Christmas gifts yourself this year!