The art of good photography

(All images in this post by Mike Abrahams)

A few weeks ago we looked at the work of Mike Abrahams in class, who came in and talked to us about business type stuff as well as his photography. You should go check out his work, it’s amazing! (And even better to look at when the picture is projected onto the wall).
I don’t get that very often that I see people’s work and feel amazed straight away. We looked at a few of his projects (e.g. this one taken just after the Cold War in Eastern Europe), when he was still using black and white film. Back then people used black&white film rather than colour for mostly technical reasons, but also because it was ‘fashionable’. So, it made me wonder what the photos would look like in colour.
Of course the stories look great in black&white, and are really strong sets of pictures. Still, colour is very different, and so hard to do well, that it made me think about it. Today there’s no real reason for photographing in black&white, which is why I really admire photographers that take awesome colour pictures. It’s hard - hard because you have to make sure to get the colour balance right, hard because distracting colours (e.g. neon green) are annoying, hard because you want all the colours to go well together, hard because you want strong colours, such as red, to be the actual focus of the picture, and so on... Colour photography sure is a skill that has to be learned and developed.

Another thing that came to my mind after looking at this specific project in Eastern Europe - it’s a grim and dark story, and the pictures are grim and dark, but they are beautiful nevertheless. That’s a skill in itself! It’s easy to make something nice look beautiful. It’s not easy to make something dull look beautiful.

Just some of my thoughts for today - I’ll leave you to it. Let me know what came to your mind reading this, would love to hear and get a conversation started!


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  2. wow, i agree. those pictures are stunning.
    xo, cheyenne