Behind the Scenes of The Sartorialist

I came across this video about Scott Schuman (the guy behind The Sartorialist) the other week, and wanted to share it. I thought it was really interesting - both the interview and being able to basically go along with him on one of his tours through the city.

Almost seems too perfect - just being able to go up to people, tell them your blog name, and have them totally agree straight away to having their photo taken ;)

I love documentary videos/interviews like this one. They really inspire me - this one made me think about where I’m going with my career, where I want to be, and gave me some new ideas. 

Here’s another one by the way (where he mentions August Sander. Yay - he’s one of my biggest and longest inspirations, too! ;) )

If you know any other interesting videos let me know! Could be about anything really (I love anything from the creative industries to business to psychology) - maybe there’s something on TED I haven’t heard about yet that inspired you? Or it might not be a video, but just a written interview. Anything, please share. :) And let me know what you think of this one - what do you take away from it?