The power of visual techniques

A few days ago I decided my Google Drive needed a bit of a ‘clean up’, so I spent some time sorting through all my documents, deleting some stuff etc. While doing that I came across some blog post notes I must have created ages ago - all on visual techniques.
It’s funny, I actually wrote one post on this topic pretty much one year ago when I thought I’d build a column out of it. Well, that never happened, so now I’ve decided to give it another go and share some visual techniques with you on a regular basis.

Last year’s post was on reflections. Before I dig in any deeper though, I want to talk about the power of visual techniques.

You might naturally take interesting photos, and you probably play around with composition, perspective, etc. already - but it’s useful to know what exactly you are actually doing in order to figure out what it is that turns an average photo into a strong photo.
So you can control what you get (same as with photographing in manual mode), you can try different methods to distinguish your photos from others’, and you can play around with techniques if something doesn’t seem to work.

It all comes back to analysing your photos and knowing what you’re doing really - basically taking control over your camera and the outcome of your photos.

I hope you’ll enjoy this ‘new’ column. I’m trying really hard at the moment to come up with some new blog post ideas, especially regarding photography advice posts. I feel like I’ve written so much on this already, and since I’ve been photographing myself for quite a while now I find it difficult to know what others might struggle with. So please, if there’s something you’ve been dying to know or learn about let me know! I want to hear :)


  1. I am very excited for this! I need this. =]

    Kate from Clear the Way

  2. yes! i love this helena! something i've been trying to figure out for a long time, which i see you do incredibly well, is getting all my pictures to look somehow similar, to flow together, basically, to have the same style.
    do you edit them a similar way? do you always use similar settings?

    1. Thank you Giulia!! :) I really appreciate you saying that all my photos seem to flow together - something I would never recognise myself ;) I'm glad you're excited about the column! I guess I do use similar settings most of the time, and usually edit them in a similar way, too. But I never stick to something strictly, I always just go with what makes each photos look best. Thanks for asking, I'll write a post on it and let you know more specifically :)