Paris / 05

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We were hoping to go up the Eiffel Tower the night that we did the boat tour (since we ended up right in front of the Eiffel Tower) - but by the time we got to the ticket offices it was actually quite late, and we wouldn't have had enough time to go all the way up.
So... we came back the next day. We walked up to the first and second platform (it's cheaper), then had to take the lift to go all the way up. We must have spent at least a couple of hours up there, since we got to see Paris while it was still light outside, saw the sunrise, as well as the night lights.
I usually feel a bit afraid of heights, but it seemed to be ok once we got up to the second level. Walking up the stairs was a bit scary, as well as taking the lift up. You go higher and higher and the lift just doesn't seem to stop. Once you're all the way up and you've been there for a few minutes you kind of get used to it. Still, it was freezing (!!!), and of course I didn't have a jacket with me or anything since the day was so hot. So, tip number one: take a jacket with you (it's so windy up there). Tip number two: Take some food with you, or eat before you go up. ;) I was also super hungry. And cold + hungry isn't a good combination. Plus the height... So I was definitely glad and very happy when I was down on safe ground again ;)
But I did enjoyed the amazing view over Paris!


  1. this one has got to be my favorite paris post. the images are unbelievably dreamy. they're almost like stills of lovely parisian movie.

    1. Thank you, Sharon! That's really nice of you to say :)

  2. The view is gorgeous! I love these photos! You are such a talent...

    Kate from Clear the Way

  3. your photographs are truly wonderful!