Paris / 01

So, after spending some time in Germany we got the train to Paris, which was the last stop on our little Europe trip. We spent the first few nights in an AirBnB apartment in Montmartre, then had to move for the last night.
I remember loving Montmartre from my first time in Paris, so I wanted to make sure we got an apartment around there. It was actually really close to Sacré-Cœur, as well as to Moulin Rouge.
All these pictures were taken in Montmartre, and there are more to come.

(See Paris 020304, 05)

I can't remember specifically what we did each day that we spent in Paris, but mainly walked a lot, and took our time exploring the city.
We arrived in the evening, so that night we just wandered around Montmartre for a bit, and got some food. I love Montmartre for its little streets (although you can find them all over the city - just like in Rome), and sweet cafés and shops. There's a certain vibe about the area that just feels like 'this is Paris'.


  1. i'm so jealous that you get to do an euro trip! I loved Paris when I went, there are just so many visual stimulations coming from all sides. i love it! Really like the pic of Parisians having a meal :)

    1. Thank you, I feel very lucky to have been able to do it. Hope you get to go again sometime, too! :)