The Swan King's Castles

In between our trips to Rome and Paris we spent a few days in Germany with my family. It was nice being able to relax for a bit after the heat of Rome (+ being in a city is naturally more stressful), and we had enough time in Germany to be able to take a two-day trip to Bavaria to see the castles (palaces). It's about a three hours drive to get there, so we had plenty of time that day to see both castles - Neuschwanstein (the white one pictured in the first photo), and Hohenschwangau (the orangey one). We decided to just see Neuschwanstein from the outside, and go inside Hohenschwangau. That's because the interior of Neuschwanstein never was fully completed, so we figured it would be cooler to see the other one. It was pretty amazing seeing all the rooms, the paintings on the wall and the furniture, but unfortunately there was no photography allowed.
The queen and king each had a whole floor to themselves, including a reading room, writing room, library. Pretty cool, especially because the queen had a view of the lake from both her writing and reading room. I wouldn't mind doing some writing/reading in there. ;)
And I'm not even going to start on the garden (beautiful!).

The next day we spent in a very different way - we visited the Concentration Camp in Dachau. I took some pictures there too, but not sure if I should publish them. Let me know in the comments if you're interested in seeing them.


  1. oh my i adore these pictures... what a beautiful place! i could definitely be a queen or a princess, or even a little servant there:)
    and i think you should share the pictures you took in dachau, if you feel comfortable doing that. as a photojournalist it's your job, right? i'm sure i'm sure the photos will be strong and emotional

    1. Thanks so much! Haha, you're right, even a servant might do ;)
      And yes, I might publish the pictures of Dachau - it's always a hard thing to talk abut/look at, and I'm not sure if the pictures will do it justice (in a way that people will get the right feel for what it was like, just from seeing photos). Thanks for your feedback!

  2. these images have got to be my favorite yet by you (: they're transporting me away from the late night physics studying im doing for my final hehe. hopefully you dont mind me sharing on pinterest and my blog (w/proper credit of course!). also, i hope you do share the images from dachau.

    1. Aw, thank you Sharon! That's so sweet of you! I'm glad I managed to take your mind off your physics studies for a bit :) I don't mind you sharing them at all.
      Thanks for your feedback regarding the Dachau pictures btw.