Freelance work: London 02

As I said last time, I wanted to share a few more pictures of the work I’ve done recently.
Looking through all the photos to pick the ones I’m sharing now, made me realize that my style has slowly changed over time - especially after writing this post on finding your own photography voice.
It’s funny how our skills develop as time passes without us even noticing.
I’m in the process of choosing photos to update my portfolio at the moment, which again is another step to finding my own voice - I only want to pick the photos that I feel really show my current style, and represent what I like. After all I want to get work in the future that is relevant to me and the kind of photography I am passionate about.
Can’t wait to share my updated portfolio with you soon. :)


  1. Great pictures, Helena! Looking forward to seeing your updated portfolio. I think the topic of finding your own photography style is so interesting. I love learning about the photographers who inspire the people who inspire me, I think a lot can be learnt from this

    1. Thank you, Jo! That's so true, it is really interesting seeing how someone's style is influenced by someone else's.