Challenging ourselves as photographers

During our time in Rome I had a few thoughts regarding my photography and the way we work as photographers in general. It might have been Rome that left me feeling quite inspired and open towards new thoughts and ideas. Or maybe I just like to think that. ;)

Anyway, I felt like challenging myself and the way I take pictures. I think I usually like to frame photos in a way that leaves out ‘ugly’ stuff, or anything that might make the photo look less attractive. What I realised though, is that quite often what I think won’t add to the photo will actually do the opposite. For example, I used to try not to get people in my shots (e.g. of streets), when this might actually make the photo look more interesting.
So my point is: challenge yourself. That’s what I did while I was in Rome - actively trying to photograph in a different way, taking photos that I usually wouldn’t take.
Figure out what kind of photos you’re missing and try deliberately taking more photos like that. Work beyond your borders and habits. Get out of your photography comfort zone. You will be surprised at how well some shots will turn out, and you’ll be happy to have challenged yourself. I reckon a good challenge can be very rewarding in the end.

- And sometimes imperfection is perfection.

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