Vienna part two

Initially I thought of splitting up the Vienna posts into three parts, but now decided to just go with two. So here's the second one. Lots of different impressions - just random street shots to start with, the castle, a street market, and some hot chocolate to finish with. Which was actually the case, we went to that cafe place on the last afternoon, a few hours before I had to leave.
I had the impression that Vienna is very focused on sustainability, recycling, and organic food (maybe Austria in general). I really loved that - wouldn't mind if we had some more organic/natural food shops in London, especially somewhere close to where I live. ;) I know they exist, but it always seems like a hassle to travel half way through London to do a little bit of food shopping when I can just walk down the road to get to the next supermarket.
Anyway, I feel like Vienna was really ahead with that whole sustainability thing - organic food ads everywhere, 'eco-boxes' outside flats (some kind of recycling bag), Vegan street festivals, ... And maybe my friend studying 'international development' didn't help (the easy way for me to think of her studies would be 'how to make the world a better place') - living sustainable and caring about our planet, how and where food (and other stuff) is produced, etc. was a constant topic. I didn't mind though - remember this post?
So that was my trip to Vienna. I hope my photos helped you get a bit of an idea of what Vienna is like, and maybe even made you want to visit yourself sometime. :) I really enjoyed it, but probably wouldn't want to trade it for the variety of places and atmospheres I get in London.


  1. Vienna is such a beautiful city. I've been there a few times and I love the very calm atmosphere!

  2. Amazing, I love your photos<3

  3. There is such nice light in all of your photos! It certainly looks like you had a great time :)

    Lucy xo