While I was back home over the last few weeks I spent some time working on a new look for my portfolio and blog.
I’m really interested in branding and how we are perceived by others, and have read a lot of books about it recently. I also got the opportunity to attend a ‘presentation workshop’ at uni, which was basically all about branding yourself.

I’ve learned that branding isn’t just part of design, but relates to all areas of life, including your personal brand - yourself. It’s about how you present yourself, how you speak, what you wear, how you behave.
And the same applies to a business/brand and its presentation online. One thing that stuck with me was that branding has to be consistent. If one part doesn’t fit with the rest of how you present yourself, people will notice. And although they might not be able to tell what exactly doesn’t seem quite right, it will affect your brand negatively.

So, I spent a lot of time and thought on how I want to brand myself. All while making sure I stay true to myself - it sure won’t work effectively if you’re trying to be someone else.
Branding is a constant process, you’re changing, developing, and growing - and your brand has to adjust to these changes.
I realised a while ago that my aesthetics and style has changed slowly over time, and that I had grown in photograph - I knew I wanted to change the way my website and blog represent me on the web, so I started working on rebranding and redesigning my sites.

I wanted to share the moodboard I created with you today, but can’t find all the original sources for the images I used, so just decided to share a few impressions of my actual process instead. Which involved getting my hands dirty - I like painting and being arty. :)

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