Behind the Scenes / 01

I always love getting to know bloggers a bit more, and hearing about what they do outside of work, or learning about things they do which you usually don’t get to see on the blog.
So, I thought I’d give you an insight into my life. This won’t necessarily be super interesting, it’s just something to give you a little glance into my life - which can be boring and ugly, just as it can be nice and beautiful. The point is that as bloggers we intend to share the pretty and positive things of life - no matter whether we’re sharing some big fact or something more personal, I believe that even ordinary things can be presented in a lovely way, without being pretentious.

You’ve probably seen pictures of this magazine before. That was when it only existed in virtual form. Now I got it printed, which makes me so happy. It was great actually holding it in my hands, and being able to flick through it. I got three copies for now - printing the first one last week really put me out of my comfort zone. I had absolutely no knowledge about the printing and binding process, and felt like a complete noob at times. But the people at uni were nice and helped me out, and when I went back a few days ago to get the other two copies done I already felt more confident with what I was doing.

It’s so exciting being involved in printing your own magazine. Actually being able to ‘use my hands’ makes me really happy. I think I miss the manual/’getting my hands dirty-work’ sometimes, since working as a photographer (in the digital age) means a lot of work in front of the screen. 

Anyway, I got my magazine and I’m happy.

On another note: I'm guest posting over on Hanna's blog today as part of a regular column called ' appreciate it'. You can find last week's post here.


  1. The magazine looks gorgeous! So nice to have something tangible from all your hard work.