April on Instagram / Part one

Happy 1st of May everyone. I got quite a few Instagram snapshots from April to share with you, and I prefer breaking them up into small collages, so here goes the first part.

01 Blueberry Banana Soy milk Detox Shake. I'm on a one week detoxing 'diet' at the moment - After my birthday and lots of other goodies during April (and the months before) I felt like it was time to detox. Less salt, no chocolate, more healthy food. I can tell you, the hardest part is not eating any chocolate! Especially in the afternoon when you're feeling tired and could really do with some sweet stuff (other than fruit).

02 First strawberries I had this year. :)

03 I thought the colour of the 20 pounds note and my nails go well together, so I took a picture of it.

04 Finished another scarf. Was time for me to get it done if I still want to wear it this spring while it's not too hot yet. Well, seems like I'm in a bit of a pastel purple mood at the moment.

What have you been up to in April?


  1. The scarf looks really good! I think knitting is one of the few things I am going to miss once it's finally summer time!

    I think I should also eat a bit less chocolate, but it is sooo hard.

    1. Thank you, Hanna.
      It actually feels good eating healthy, and more natural. I think if you can just 'control' HOW much chocolate you eat you'll be fine ;)

  2. Love all the colors together-- they're so lovely!

    I sometimes change up the detox shake with a green juice in the morning. It's so delicious!

    1. Tana, thanks for commenting.
      Green juice does sound good! :) x