Offering Photography Lessons

Hello lovelies,
I hope you’ve all enjoyed a (hopefully sunny) weekend.

In case you’ve missed it in my last post, here it is again, all official:
I’m offering photography lessons. Either one-on-one or in a small group of no more than three people.

Here’s how it works: We meet for coffee/tea, breakfast, lunch (whatever you like), have a chat and get to know each other. Then we’ll start getting into photography, and talk about all the stuff you want to learn about. You can ask me whatever you want to know, relating to your camera settings, or photography in general. We’ll go over how to photograph in manual mode, cover aperture, shutter speed, ISO. I promise when you’re with someone explaining it right there for you it’s not as hard as you may think. I even remember Charlotte saying that it was like finding the ‘missing piece’.
Once we’ve covered all of your questions we’ll go for a wander and take some pictures to practise. I’ll be there to help out with any issues.
After the session you can always email me for free (on a long-term basis) should you have any more upcoming questions.

What you’ll get out of it: Really get to know your camera, understand how your settings relate, how you can control the outcome of your pictures, get on-hand feedback and advice on composition and perspective, and learn about anything else photography related. I’ll also be having a spreadsheet ready for you with all the main information on it.
The fact that it will only be you and me, or a really small group, makes it easy to learn, while getting to know each other and having fun along the way.

Why I’m doing it: I’m offering these short one-on-one sessions because I believe that it’s a lot easier to learn when someone’s there just to focus on your issues, and give specific advice.
Also, I understand you may not want to commit to a 10 weeks course, or spend heaps of money on a course at uni to learn about photography. If you just want to learn the basics, and be able to use your camera properly, this will be a great way to learn. Of course you’ll need to keep practising after, but that’s something you can do without attending a course.

The details: I want to keep this casual and am hoping to meet some nice people along the way. That’s why times and dates are flexible - you tell me when is a good time for you to meet up, and we can find a day that works for both of us.

As for pricing: I’m offering an introductory discount of £30 for a one-on-one session, and £20 each for a group of three people. This will include about half a day spent with me, a spreadsheet with all the basic info, and free email support after our meeting.

What it doesn’t include: I won’t teach you which buttons do what. So, this means I expect you to have read your camera’s instructions booklet to know where to set your aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and know other important buttons. While I will teach you how to make use of it all, I want you to know where you can find the important parts on your camera.
If there’s something you’re struggling with I’ll do my best to help out with it, of course. I’m a Canon user though, so especially if you’re using a Nikon camera you should bring along your handbook (just in case there’s something we need to figure out).

Make it a gift: If you know someone who’d love to learn about photography, you can get them a session as a gift. I’ll then send them a personal handwritten postcard as a voucher.

Finally, there will only be four sessions in May, so be quick to get your spot:
email me at helenalapetite@gmail.com.


  1. This sounds like such a good idea, hope you have a lot of fun! Sadly, I'm currently miles away from London, maybe someday...