Columbia Road Flower Market + a photography lesson

Last Sunday I met Charlotte for a photography lesson. We had breakfast at the Albion, then went on to find a quiet spot where I could help Charlotte with her camera settings etc. It was my first time actually teaching someone and passing on my knowledge to someone in person. It was fun! I really enjoyed it, it was so nice to see that it really helped Charlotte, and that she realised that photographing in manual mode isn't as hard as it may seem.
Once we were set with our cameras we headed over to Columbia Road Flower Market, made our way through the crowds and took lots of pictures. Again, it was great to see Charlotte being really excited about taking pictures!
Charlotte bought some flowers, and we made our way back to Liverpool St Station, walking past all the stalls on Brick Lane (that's where the last photo is from).
Oh, I forgot to say it was a beautiful day! I feel like that last photo shows how nice and sunny it was - is it just me (because I know that it was warm) or can you actually see? ;)

Charlotte was super sweet and made me a necklace as a way to say thank you for helping her out with photography (see below). Thank you, Charlotte! :)

We talked a bit about our 'business ambitions' - Charlotte has plans of her own regarding jewellery making (I don't know how much of it she wants to make public at the moment, so I won't tell you any more about it for now). But keep an eye out for more, it will be exciting. :)

I've been thinking about helping others out with their photography for a while. Now that I met up with Charlotte and gave it a go I feel really excited about the idea, and confident enough to offer some private photography lessons, like I did with Charlotte. Very casual and informal - getting to know each other, having some food, learning about photography, camera settings, (and any other questions you may have), and then having fun taking pictures.
If you're in London and you're interested in meeting up with me, and want to improve your photography skills shoot me an email and we'll take it from there. I'd love to get to know you!


  1. Great pictures (as always) and such a good idea. Best of luck with it. Know so many bloggers who have been looking for a personal service like this.

    1. Aww, thank you! :) Hope your video class will go well, too! x

  2. Hello Helena! It's my first time on your blog and I just loved it!Recently I started photographing on the manual mode after taking some lessons and I'm loving it! good luck in your teaching experience!