Edinburgh part three

 You might have not thought that there was a part three... but there is. There has to be, because we hadn't seen the castle yet (see part one, and two). After visiting the castle (it was freezing!) we walked back to the other side of town, and went for a stroll around the botanical gardens. Pretty! Wish we could have spent more time there (especially since it was nice and warm, and smelled good in the glasshouse), but we had to leave to catch the train back to London.
We had a lovely weekend in Edinburgh, but I remember looking forward to having my own kitchen again and being able to cook and eat at home again. Eating out is fun, but when you do it a few times a day, it seems to almost get boring. At least for me. I like to keep eating out something special, something that I look forward to.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I love that last close-up. I totally agree with you about eating out often, it gets dull.

    Kate from Clear the Way

    1. Thanks for commenting, Kate! I appreciate it :) x