A magazine project

I'm back. And I'm so so excited to show you what I've been working on! We made a magazine. An 80 pages long magazine. It was all part of a uni group project, focused on the theme of 'community'. My group decided to choose the Indian community in London to create a magazine that's all about Indian culture (with the aim to promote integration and raise cultural awareness).
You can look at the full magazine either at the top of this post, or right here.
It was a lot of hard work, but we did it all ourselves. Wrote the articles, took the photos, designed it.
I was responsible for the design (but did take some photos and wrote an article as well) - and feel so proud to be honest ;)

Here are a few tips I learned along the way:
- Allow enough time!
Although our group team leader and I manage our time really well usually (note: at uni!), we only finished last minute. Everything took so so long in the end, and tiny design details took ages to do. Some days we used to sit for around 12 hours.
- Make sure you have all the material ready when you start designing!
In the beginning I felt so excited to start on the design of the magazine, but couldn't complete what I had started, because material was missing. Either photos, or writing. If you don't know what will go on a page/spread you can't really start laying out, because whatever you do will probably change again once all the content's available to work with.
- Input from others is really valuable!
Sometimes you just get stuck and it seems like there's no way to lay the pages out in a way that works. That's when ideas from others can be so inspiring and eye-opening.
Usually it was my friend (who was also the team leader), who suggested an idea, we tried it and it worked. And if it didn't work, her input was enough to get me going again, until something else worked.

I hope this will be helpful, if you're ever thinking of designing a magazine. You should, it's definitely a rewarding experience!

Scroll up to see the full magazine, or click here.


  1. Just saw the magazine and I must admit: it's breathtaking! You made a really original and inspiring work, the photography is stunning, and the stories are captivating. Congrats to the team! :)

    1. Thank you so much, Natalie! Really appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to look at it! xx