Edinburgh part one

A couple of weekends ago we went to Edinburgh on a short holiday. We rented a lovely Airbnb apartment which we had to ourselves (the host was travelling as well). It had real wooden floors, big windows, real couches (something I really appreciated as we only have a mattress lying on the floor making up for the missing couch), heaps and heaps of lovely green plants (!), and it came with a box full of tea bags ;) Pretty awesome.
For our first day we just wandered around the city, went up Calton Hill, wanted to get fish and chips but ended up with some Scottish fish soup instead (the pub ran out of fish and chips. Must be pretty popular!). For the night we joined a scary witch tour around town, where they told us about what they did to the women who were called 'witches' back in the day (you only had to accuse someone to be a witch and they'd come and get you! Crazy). They also told us all sorts of other scary weird stuff (if you want to know in more detail leave a comment). Finally we got some pancakes, and then headed off home to have some hot tea - it was super cold up there in the North!
I did enjoy that first day - Edinburgh definitely has some lovely little cafes to offer, and secret alleyways everywhere.


  1. love the pictures, especially the last one with the bike :) those little shops are beautiful!

  2. I find your blog so nice! And I really wish I lived in London, so that I could join you on a photo brunch.
    And this post, I love it. I love Edinburgh. Spent a month there two years ago participating at the royal edinborough military tattoo.

    1. Thank you so much, Eirin! Just read on your blog that you were in the army - so exciting!
      If you do come to London sometime let me know, I'd love to have you join a Photo Brunch :)