Print Shop

I've got NEWS!! Over the weekend I've opened up a print shop. I've been working on it and preparing it for a while now, ordering print from different suppliers, seeing how the colours and quality turn out.
I'm happy now with the way I get them printed, and I've also looked into packaging and shipping. I'm still a little bit nervous, though - the first time is always a bit scary.
For now I've limited the number of prints to 5, but if you've seen a picture on the blog or my website that you really love, I'll do my best to get it printed for you. Shouldn't be much of a problem.
I'm excited about my first 'big step' towards my goals in 2013, and I'm really keen to find out what you think of it. So do let me know!
You can get to the shop right here.


  1. A wonderful idea! LOVE the selection of prints, they are all simply beautiful!

  2. A wonderful idea! And I LOVE the selection of prints, they are all simply beautiful! I would love to support your new venture and make a purchase...can you ship to Australia or just keeping it local?

    1. Aww, thank you!
      I do ship to Australia as well (it might just take a little longer for the photos to get there). You can choose your country at checkout.
      Thanks for asking - I should mention it on the site. x

  3. i'm so glad you are selling your photographs!! Because they look so good. love the eiffel tour one - there's a romantic touch to it. Xx

  4. Gorgeous print shop. Congratulations and best of luck.