January on Instagram

Instagram is like my daily documentary tool. More than anything else - I don't take my big camera that often, I find it too heavy to carry it around with me all the time. I don't write a diary either. I kind of wish I did, but if I did it I wanted to do it the old fashioned way - writing my thoughts into a notebook by hand. But that takes up too much time. So yes, Instagram has it all.
January has been a mix of snow and sun, winter coming back, and the suddenly spring feelings popping up.
Well, let's see what's next.
By the way - I can't believe it's February now (tomorrow). Will be Christmas again before we know it... ;)


  1. I've been rediscovering instagram myself the other day, I'm just too lazy for 'real' photos most of the time. I really want to document 2013 better than other years, so I try out everything that might help ;)

    1. Good luck with that :)
      I've been trying to find you on Instagram - what's your name? x