Vanilla Stars

Since I'm back home, covered in lots and lots of white snow, I feel even more like winter and Christmas. So first thing I did was photograph some yummy Christmas cookies. Of course photos first. Well, eating and taking photos at the same time actually.

So now let's share some food love:

Vanilla Stars

you'll need: 
300 g butter
400 g flour
150 g sugar
a little bit of salt
1 egg
2 vanilla beans
80 g icing sugar
100-150 g quince jelly (or some other kind of sticky jam)

how to do it:
Cut 200 g of butter into small pieces. Mix with flour, salt, and egg until smooth.
Wrap the mixture into transparent film, and keep in fridge for at least 1 hour.
Then roll out the dough and cut out cookies, in whatever shape you like really.

Melt 100 g of butter. Add half of the inside of one vanilla bean + one whole vanilla bean to the butter.
Mix other half of inside of vanilla bean with icing sugar.

Bake the cut out stars for about 10 minutes - 200 degrees celcius.
Straight after baking spread some vanilla butter onto each star. Let cool.
Heat up jam a little bit, mix until smooth, and spread onto half the amount of stars. Put the rest of the stars on top. Sprinkle with dusting powder.

(apparently it takes a couple of days for the cookies to develop a full vanilla flavour.)

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  1. visiting here from designlovefest - such a great xmas recipe to try (and great photos!)