Photo Essay/Story

Today I want to give you a little insight into what I'm working on at the moment (uni-wise) next to Arts London News - a photo essay/story.
I already did some reportage-style work a couple of years ago, documenting a farmer's life (see photos above), the life of an artist, and a police officer's job.
Now I'm working on a photo essay again, which is something lots of great photographers have been doing before me, e.g. W. Eugene Smith (the Country Doctor for Life Magazine).
It just reminds me how important it is to look at other photographer's work in order to be inspired and to learn.
You should really absorb yourself in photography if you want to improve, which means not only taking photos all the time, but looking at other people's photographs, reading about photography, going to exhibitions, etc.
When I come across great photography it usually motivates me so much that I set high ambitions for myself, it really pushes me to become better.

Have you experienced that before? Feeling motivated to improve just from looking at great photography work?


  1. I'm always inspired by other artist and photography, while feeling motivated to create something amazing, however sometimes I get I'm moods where I compare my work to others and start wondering if ill ever been as good as them.

    1. I guess we all get into those moods sometimes. As long as we're positive about our work most of the time it should be all good. :)

    2. I know what you mean, but the idea to keep in mind, is that we all have differing ways we view the world. I have a close friend who does amazing portraits, and am often envious of his work. On the flip, I mainly do landscapes of areas that folks don't often want to pack their gear too, which results in shots that makes him envious of mine.

      Don't get discouraged! Do your thing.