Everything and Nothing

Last night I procrastinated. I didn’t spend my time on facebook as you may assume, and not even on Pinterest - something that would have been a lot more likely for me to do.
(Although, admittedly, I did spend a few minutes on there before turning off my computer).
I actually spend my time reading the editor’s blog of Arts London News (ALN), the newspaper I’ve been working on over the last few weeks (it’s an actual paper, too, by the way).
And in my defense, reading the editor’s blog didn’t even feel like reading a blog. It felt more like reading educated articles about interesting facts to think about, written by fabulous journalists.

Reading the editor’s stories actually got me thinking. I felt amazed at how good the articles were, I enjoyed reading every single one of it. And then I started to wonder what it is that makes them so brilliant. I started to think that I would love to be able to write like this as well.
When actually I’m more of a photographer than a writer. Yes, my course did involve some writing at the beginning of last year, but it’s been so basic that I wouldn’t even dare to compare the skills I gained back then to the skills the ALN journalists have.

So, you got me, I would like to be a writer. But of course I would like to stay a photographer as well. So I would like to do both.
And then I would also like to be a designer, too, please.
Can we have it all? Can we do it all? Can we gain all the skills?

Last week I got the chance to listen to a guest lecturer (a great photographer working mostly in London) who came in to our class to talk to us about photography. He mentioned something along the lines of ‘you don’t have to do everything yourself - don’t get out your guitar and compose your own music for your photography slideshow just because you can’.
And it’s so true.
I don’t want to end up as a ridiculous do-it-all person, and actually do nothing because it all sucks. I want to be good at one thing. Or maybe two. And then be really good at this.

I just wonder what to do when you wish to do so many things, follow up so many paths.
This issue keeps coming up in my life recently. Well, recently means more like the last year or two.
I’ve been all occupied by the thought of figuring out what it is that I really want to do, and by finding my own style (this actually is a different topic).

Thinking so much about these topics gets me into pondering about psychology, and finding out why it is that we are so concerned with these issues, what makes us tick, and whether I could maybe get into doing some psychological research on this at a later stage in my life.

Well, we’ll see if I’ll ever become a psychologist. Because maybe I’ll end up as a writer. Or a designer. Or I might just stick with being a photographer.

[I guess the point for you to take away from this is to remember not to do it all - please don’t get out your guitar and start composing your own music if all you really want is to learn about photography. - I promise there will be more to help you follow up the path of photography next week. Tips, again, finally.]


  1. Awesome view! I imagine its wonderful to gaze upon and ponder thoughts!

  2. yea ive been reading a lot of well written blogs lately and it has inspired to not just write more but also better!