Set the world on fire

“Be who you were created to be and you will set the world on fire.” (St. Catherine of Sienna)

I stumbled upon this quote on Pinterest a couple of days ago, and felt like it speaks wisdom. Every single one of us has a special talent (or probably more than just one), and we just have to make use of it.
The problem with it is that first you need to find out where your true talent lies - what you were really created to be.
I feel this directly links in with finding your own style. After reading a couple of posts on finding your own style recently (here & here), I feel the need to share a few words on that, too.
I don’t want to repeat what has already been said (which is really useful by the way), I just want to get you thinking.
Reading these posts got me thinking, and I ended up browsing through all my pins for awhile, just to see if I could recognize a pattern. I can certainly tell what my clothing style is (although my wardrobe doesn’t yet match up :( ), but it’s been hard to pin down a certain aesthetic I love when it comes to photography. I can’t even tell yet what kind of photography I want to specialise in. - Probably don’t want to specialize in anything.
I know people who do really well when they pick one thing and really focus on that. This doesn’t work for me.
I have so many different interests (outside of photography as well!), and I get bored if I stick to one thing all the time.
I feel most productive when I can work on different topics and ideas, and it’s what makes me happy.
That is where the quote comes in: what was I created to be? What were you created to be?
If there are so many different things we love to do, how do we figure out what is right for us?
Is it right to spend time doing all of it? Or will time slowly filter out some interests, and place the focus on others?
Style and talent really play together here it seems. Which is probably why finding your own style is so hard, and always keeps you thinking. Because once you do find your own style you will find your talent. And once you know what you’ve been created for you will set the world on fire.
Which is what we ultimately aim for, isn’t it?

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