Visual Techniques: Reflections

I’m starting a new column focusing on visual techniques that will make your photos look more interesting - I’m excited, and I hope you are, too! :)

Today I want to have a look at reflections, and give you a few tips on taking reflection photos.
Reflections are a great way to make a photo look more interesting and more intriguing, since it's up to everyone's own imagination to decide what they see (e.g. as with the photo below).

Useful objects for reflection photos are glasses, windows, vases, the front element of a camera, water/puddle, mirrors, etc.

Another (not so obvious) advantage of reflections is the ‘frame within the frame’ which you get when you use a mirror as a reflection object for example.
I’ll talk about the ‘frame within the frame’ in a bit more detail some other time.

When taking a reflection photo make sure you never focus on the actual material of reflection (e.g. glass of mirror), but on the actual object. The real point of focus is actually behind the mirror.

Applying this visual technique will definitely add a little special to your photo, so I hope you can make good use of it soon. :)


  1. I love this technique! I actually use it whenever I am on a reflective surface, I think it gives another dimension to the photo. It took me a while to remember to deactivate the flash (on Auto mode) when shooting reflection!

    1. Ha, good you remember now ;)
      Yes, I think the dimension thing is a good point!

  2. Grate tip, i will be trying this.

  3. Thanks for the tip!


  4. These are neat photos! I think I will try this technique when I see a puddle =)

    Vanessa | Found & Kept

  5. hi helena what camera did you use here?