How to find new ideas

Imagine the times when you feel like your head is just empty.
You want to create, but you feel stuck. You feel like your work is just boring, and all your creativity just disappeared.

We’ve all got those days. It’s a sign that we are artists, creative people - we’re constantly in search of inspiration.

Whenever I feel stuck and uninspired I take some time off, and just do whatever I feel like doing.
Sometimes it’s going for a run, sometimes taking a nap, sometimes browsing through the web.

That last one is actually a good one if you want to fuel your inspiration a bit.

Take some time off, maybe once a week, for an hour or two, to just sit down and browse the internet.
Set yourself the goal of at least finding one new blog/magazine/website that you love.
Click around, google for keywords that go through your mind, try to actively find new sources of inspiration. There is always more to find on the internet, so the chances you’ll end up with some new inspiration are pretty good.

Once you come across a new site that you like it’s likely that there will be a link somewhere to another site with similar content, or that is just as inspiring.
Go with the flow, and actively look out for new sources of inspiration.

So it’s totally ok to take a few hours off - at least it’s for a good reason.

Here's what inspired me lately, and makes me want to become better. It's good to always push yourself. (Laure de Sagazana, APC, Free PeopleBenjamin & Elise).

How do you go about finding new inspiration?


  1. well, erm... those things that you suggest to do once a week to find inspiration are the things I do constantly, everyday, every moment of the year, I'm always browsing online, and finding good blogs to follow is not the problem, actually my problem is NOT to find them, 'cos I get stuck on them, "wasting" time I should use to create something of my own, ha! It's so full of great and inspiring blogs over there...
    when I'm blocked or feel empty I do the other way round: I leave the computer and do something else. Read a book, go out to run some errands, watch a movie...
    Thanks for your posts!! I find them much helpful.


    1. I guess both is possible.. I actually wrote this post having in mind someone who does create stuff themselves as well. So I guess if you do spend a lot of time creating something yourself you sometimes need to see other people's work to keep you going. And also to keep you challenged. But as I said - I do go for runs as well, or take a nap. :)
      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Thanks for sharing this lovely post. When I'm stuck in a funk I go to my lonely planet travel books and browse trough it for hours; cultures and people are what inspire me. At this moment I have a huge love for Iceland it's such an amazing little island with interesting history and beautiful landscapes.

    1. Sounds like some good advice. I can imagine Iceland would be amazing! I've got this thing for the North Pole, but Iceland would be just fine, too ;)

  3. Hi Helena, we stumbled on this post which contains one of our engagement photos. It's an honour that you'd feature it - your blog is really sweet. We noticed that you were in New Zealand recently, we hope you enjoyed your time here :) Let us know if you ever come back!