How to create a professional photography portfolio /02

Last week we had a general look at how to build up a professional online photography portfolio. Today I’m going to explain how to go about choosing your photos.

Online you can be anyone you like to be.
- First of all think about who you want to be and how you wish to present yourself online.
Who do you want people to see when they come to your site? What do you want your customers/audience to think?

- What is your goal of having a portfolio? What do you want to achieve?

- No matter how you answer these questions you always have to be aware of coming across as being professional.
That means: never include any blurry photos (unless deliberately). You don’t want to destroy the impression of you only having perfect photos.

- You might also want to consider getting some of your friends’/family’s opinions of your photos.
Apart from that always ask yourself as well, and include what you truly feel happy with. Listen to your instincts.
It’s important that you are satisfied with your included photos - in the end it’s your own portfolio.

- Finally don’t forget that it’s better to include a few really good shots, rather than a lot of ‘alright’ photos.

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