Save hours of time in Photoshop in 5 simple steps

In the next few days I will give away free Photoshop curves & other effects for you to download. To make sure you will actually know how to apply and use those actions I created this tutorial.

What I'm about to share with you is a really helpful tool which will save you hours of time and frustration.

Before I had my Photoshop classes at uni last year it always took me ages to do a really simple thing in Photoshop.
Let’s say I had just edited about 10 photos, and wanted to save them all in the same place. Before saving them I wanted to change their image size. And then I wanted to save each of the photos both in TIF format as well as in JPEG after.

Now you can imagine clicking yourself through Photoshop, doing the same steps over and over again.
When I learnt about actions in Photoshop last year it changed my life.

If you want to save yourself time and stop repeating simple steps, use actions.

You can find actions in the ‘window’ menu at the top, if it doesn't show up in your panels already.

Let’s assume you’ve got a few photos open and you want to save them all in the same place. Instead of repeating the saving process over and over again you can now just record what you’re doing and play it back every time you want to repeat the steps.

1. Click ‘create new set’. It’s up to you what you name your set. I named mine ‘save file’.

2. Once you’ve created a new set you can create the action. Give it whatever name you like. Mine is called ‘TIFs’ as I want to save all my photos as TIFs. You can then choose a colour for the action.

3. Now that you’ve created a set and an action you can start recording your process. Do whatever you want to record, and Photoshop will remember the steps for you. I went to save my file, and then close it. I include the closing step in the actions process, so that the next photo I want to save will be right there for me and I don’t have to spend time closing the previous one.

4. Once you’re done with everything click ‘stop playing/recording’ and Photoshop will save your actions process for you.

5. Now  click ‘play selection’ the next time you want to do the same steps again, and Photoshop will run through the process automatically in just a fraction of the time that you would usually spend.

Whenever you need to repeat a process in Photoshop, actions are a great way to accomplish this.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Are there any other tips that help you save time in Photoshop?
What steps do you usually use actions for?

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